Single & ready to mingle?

Hello Dear Friend, Wow. That is all I can say now about the dating world. There are so many websites and so many apps now that people are using to find dates... I feel utterly and completely lost. When my ex-husband and I went out on our first date many moons ago we did not…Read more Single & ready to mingle?


Hello Dear Friend

Hello Dear Friend, I like to start our time together as if we have known each other for years. We are two gals or a guy and a gal sitting at a coffee shop, drinking lattes just catching up on life. There is so much to catch up on... so many thoughts running through my…Read more Hello Dear Friend

Hopeless Romantic, living in a hook up culture

Have you ever noticed that when you first introduce the fact that you and your significant other have split, all of the creepers come out of the woodwork? The day that I was first brave enough to admit that my marriage was in the beginning stages of crumpling under my feet was the day that…Read more Hopeless Romantic, living in a hook up culture